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  • NC King Arthur 2020

    For 1,500 years, the legendary King Arthur has inspired the imaginations of poets, writers, musicians and, most recently, screenwriters and directors. It is no wonder that the basic features of the Arthur legend are still known to most people today. (Source: We picked up on this legend and transformed it into our classic nutcracker shape. Get a piece of history!

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  • SM Sleepyhead 2020

    The sleepyheads have been enriching our range since 2016. Her lovable nature inspires and has awakened many a collector's heart. So this year our series gets a charming addition. May we introduce? Our Santa in green!

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  • Novelties 2020

    This year we can offer variety among our new releases. Many collectors groups have received charming growth. But go your own journey of discovery.

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  • Fridge Magnets

    2020 will be magnetic! Decorate your refrigerator or anything that holds magnets. We set no limits to your imagination! Let yourself be magnetized.

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  • Nutcrackers

    Our popular nutcrackers may have a grim expression, but they are sure to make their numerous fans smile in delight; turned from wood with love of detail and finished with paint, pelt and beautiful fabrics.

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  • Smokers

    The famous “Räuchermänner“ (or smoking man) originated in the Erzgebirge – Ore Mountains kept things cozy during Christmas time and all year round. Since the 18th century, these merry fellows made of artfully turned wood, fabrics, pelt and paint have been bringing fragrant scents into many a home. And even in modern times, they continue to create comfort and a wonderful ambience.

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  • Vouchers

    Are you looking for a suitable gift? Don't just give anything! By giving your vouchers you’re giving something unique!

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We also would love to greet you in our store, which is located in the heart of the toy village of Seiffen. You cannot miss our store; the hand-painted details on each side of the building and the half-timbered roof make it unique. There you will find a huge presentation of Ore Mountain folk art. You can browse through a variety of our handmade wooden products like nutcrackers, incense smokers, decorations and toys on two floors. You will be amazed to see such craftsman ship. We are looking forward to your visit.