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Pickle Ornament


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Pickle Ornament
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German tradition or myth? People in the US agree: The Christmas pickle is a popular decoration on German Christmas trees. This is different in Germany, because the importance of the Christmas pickle is often just as little known as the fact that many families in the US decorate their Christmas tree with a pickle. Hidden in the Christmas tree In the US, many people believe that in Germany, no Christmas without the typical German Christmas pickle passes. Many Americans have discovered the alleged German Christmas custom for themselves and hang the pendant so in the Christmas tree that he is not immediately to be found. All guests have to look for the pickle on Christmas Eve. Those who first discover the pendant will receive a reward. What kind of reward is different from family to family. Often the explorer may start unpacking the presents. Sometimes he also gets an additional small gift. Our conclusion Whether German tradition or not, in any case, the search for the pickle is a nice custom, which makes Christmas more sociable. When do you discover the Christmas pickle?
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Additional Information

Delivery Time 3-5 days (differing for foreign countries)
sku 10 0655
EAN 4016711106555
publication year 2019
width 5,50 cm / 2,20 inch
height 12,00 cm / 4,70 inch
depth 5,00 cm / 2,00 inch
product weight 50,00 g / 1,80 oz.