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Summer Holidays

Dear Customer,

We are in Summer holidays from 06.08.2022 to 21.08.2022.

Gladly you can make an order here in the Onlineshop. However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that delivery can take place from 22.08.2022 at the earliest.

Your Ulbricht-Team.

Special Dwarf XL

In the year 2004, we are produced the first special model of our popular dwarf smokers in the XL format. This was considered an exclusive "thank you" to our faithful collectors. Many lovers were delighted to crown your collection. In the following year the demand for another XL model was so great that we decided to make a custom from the uniqueness. Since then, we have been producing every year an exclusive XL model in limited edition.

    2022: ? ? ? ? ?


2021: SM Dwarf Sultan   2020: SM Dwarf Striezelseller   2019: SM Dwarf Christmas Elf
2018: SM Dwarf Ski Hikers   2017: SM Dwarf Santa Claus "Gifts Bringer"   2016: SM Dwarf "Karl Stülpner"
2015: SM Miner Dwarf   2014: SM Dwarf Mushroom Man   2013: SM Dwarf Chimney Sweep
2012: SM Dwarf Confectioner   2011: SM Dwarf Woodman   2010: SM Dwarf Fir Cone Man
2009: SM Dwarf Santa with Pyramid   2008: SM Dwarf Santa With Lightarc   2007: SM Dwarf Gardener
2006: SM Dwarf Nightwatchman 2005: SM Dwarf Santa Claus  2004: SM Dwarf Gnome