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Store hours

Our store has opened as follows:

Monday to Sunday
10.00 h until 18.00 h

10.00 h until 18.00 h

Our café in the retail shop "Seiffener Nussknackerhaus" will be closed until further notice.

Our office hours (telephone availability) are:

Monday to Friday
07.00 h until 12.00 h
12.30 h until 15.45 h

Please note our changed store hours on the following dates:

DatumSeiffener NussknackerhausAltes Drehwerk
24.12.2021: closed closed
25.12.2021: closed closed
26.12.2021: closed closed
31.12.2021: closed closed
01.01.2022: closed closed
02.01.2022: closed closed
07.01.2022 - 21.01.2022: closed closed